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Pharmacy Ympyrätalon apteekki
– A unique health and well-being concept

Maintaining a healthy body and mind is the key to finding balance and overall well being in life.

In addition to traditional pharmaceutical services, we provide integrated and customized health care solutions. Our 360°Cafe with lab and treatment facilities combines all key aspects of well-being, together with nutrition, stress management and beauty care. It gives you a great opportunity to discover how to nurture and improve your overall well-being in one place.

We provide a wide variety of service packages based on the individual needs of each customer.

The new Olo-apteekki pharmacy develops health services

We are part of a new pharmacy chain called “Olo-apteekki”. It will be launched to consumers in 2019.

The aim of the chain is to expand the service of pharmacies in a customer-oriented way towards a more comprehensive health and well-being offering. In addition to rational pharmacotherapy, key priorities include preventive health care and digital services. 

In order to meet the growing needs and demands of customers and guarantee a high quality service experience in the future, we collaborate with the best possible partner network in the industry. With this new pharmacy concept, we can develop the skills of our staff and serve our customers in a truly unique and efficient way.

Opening hours

Mon – Fri 08 – 20
Sat 10 – 18
Sun 12 – 16
360 Cafe 360 Cafe

New Generation Well-being Café

We are dedicated to developing our services continuously to better meet the changing needs and expectations of our customers. As a result of a long-term development process, we opened our new well-being 360°Café as part of our pharmacy in 2017. In the café, you can evaluate all aspects of your well-being and get services tailored to your individual needs. Or you can just sit down and enjoy a fresh smoothie in a pleasant atmosphere.



Tutustu 360 Cafe


We offer a wide range of individually tailored body, health and beauty treatments in a serene and spacious environment.

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In addition to traditional pharmacy services, our core capabilities include a complete set of integrated and customized health care solutions.

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Health Promotion Services

In addition to dispensing medicitations, our scope of expertise cover even modern health promotion services related to overall well-being.

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Professional staff

The staff of our pharmacy consists of multiprofessional and self-managed teams of 25 highly educated professionals. Some of our staff members hold a double degree and practice in our pharmacy as pharmacist-nurses or pharmacist-nutrition coaches.

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