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Our Story

We are passionate about supporting the overall well-being of our customers

Our focus is to deliver personalized services and products that strengthen the body and mind comprehensively. In addition to strong medical expertise, we use holistic practices to complement the best outcome of the patient-centered treatments in our comfortable and modern facilities. In order to provide the best customer experience, we also place great emphasis on the well-being of our employees.

New pharmacy chain!

We are part of a new pharmacy chain called “Olo-apteekki”. It will be launched to consumers in 2019. The aim of the chain is to expand the service of pharmacies in a customer-oriented way towards a more comprehensive health and well-being offering. In addition to rational pharmacotherapy, key priorities include preventive health care and digital services. 

In order to meet the growing needs and demands of customers and guarantee a high quality service experience in the future, we collaborate with the best possible partner network in the industry. With this new pharmacy concept, we can develop the skills of our staff and serve our customers in a truly unique and efficient way.

– Pharmacies have an increasingly important role in ensuring successful pharmacotherapy and monitoring, and especially in preventive health care. The low-threshold services provided by pharmacies speed up access to care and can ease the burden on primary health care. Cooperation with Terveystalo will help to improve our service capability,” says Tiina Vaitomaa, the pharmacist of Ympyrätalo Pharmacy in Helsinki.

Our Story

The Ympyrätalon apteekki in Hakaniemi was founded in 1887, being the eighth oldest pharmacy in Helsinki. After being throughly renovated, the Hakaniemi’s pharmacy re-opened in April 2014 serving customers with the new concept in modern and customer-friendly facilities.

A unique and prize-winning concept

The pilot project of the research based service concept dates back to 2013, and took first place in the Ympyrätalon apteekki in cooperation with the pharmacy chain YTA -yhteistyöapteekki. This model emphasizes the client’s own role in maintaining and providing for her or his health and well-being. Our unique pharmacy concept has brought us recognition abroad as well, and was awarded for example with Fennia Prize Honor, Grafia Award, and New York Service Design Network Gold Medal.

Enjoy our versatile services

We provide different kinds of health services by professionals, like pharmacist-nurses and pharmacist-dieticians. We have a wide range of measuring and laboratory services – not to mention our therapy centre where you can enjoy foot and skin treatments of high quality.


Pharmacist Tiina Vaitomaa welcomes you to next generation well-being pharmacy!